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# 1 The 2800 Mission Rewards
12-22-2012, 10:33 AM
Anyone notice that because of the required rank for each missions, you end up having a "broken" space set at the end of the series? You're require to repeat Operation Gamma to get both consoles (which I have no problem). But the 45 level requirement for the final mission pushes you from RA(L)/Drig Gen to RA(U)/Maj Gen thus making the final Shield console a Mark XI unit instead of Mark X like the rest of the units you collected. Which means in order to make the whole set work, you have to repeat Operation Gamma two more times to get both the Engines and Deflector as Mark XI units. I was also required to run additional missions between Of Bajor/Operation Gamma and Operation Gamma/Facility 4028.

Suggestion for the following level requirements that might solve this issue:
Second Wave - 40
Of Bajor - 41
Operation Gamma - 42
Facility 4028 - 43
Boldly They Rode - 44