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Originally Posted by kadix1 View Post

Any suggestions on how to improve?

I'm basically using Engineering Team and Hazard for hull heals, and Emergency Power to Shields and Science Team for shield heals.
For PVE or PVP my friend? In this forum it could be anything so thought I would ask first.

EDIT: For starts I'm going to leave this first video here.

That is the Commander level K't'inga. In STF events. Doing just fine thank you. It will show you some of the relationships between speed, torpedoes, mines, and cannons. It also has a bit how torpedoes and mines can be used to customize your loadout for specific instances. In short, KDF cruisers (except Bortas) are plenty fast enough to use the beam/2 torpedo set up OR the cannons/torpedo/mines set up. Bortas should just stick to the latter. No turn consoles involved. The eggbringer weeps a thousand years for each console you put on a kdf cruiser. So sad.

This is a Mirror Vor'cha. In a fleet event. Using the cannon/torpedo/mine scheme. And Dem. For THIS stf that scheme works very well. Ok it works great in all of them. Just in this particular event, all the darn borg have pesky shields, so the transphasics/dem scheme is nice. I didn't have a plasma thing going on, but that would be good here as well.

In your doff scheme, the 4 engineer doffs are a solid choice. That leaves you a swing slot open so to speak. I'll use those same 4 engineers, and then I'll choose a space warfare doff or a DEM doff, or some other solid unique doff to compliment that particualr mission.

When you choose your Emergency Power to" abilities even I must say that EPTS seems to be a no brainer, and then add in one of your choice that you feel enhances the build. Using a lot of Aux abilities? Emergency to aux it is then! That leaves you two systems to cover with batteries if you so choose. So if you're running shields and aux powers, maybe you stock engines and weapons batteries.

As far as your boff powers go, heads up, you likely will never need RSP in pve. Just saying. That ship is a beast and you'll have plenty of ways to keep it alive and kicking. Other than's the run down.

You need the two emergency powers that are core to your doff scheme. That is key.

If you're going to be fighting the Borg you want one tac team. One's enough. Outside of the Borg you likely don't need one at all for pve, but lets just say we'll keep one on hand. Other than that one TT, spend 3 or 4 abilities on mines, cannons, beams, or torpedoes. If your absolutely married to the omega as a defense or speed buff, then its 3, if not then choose 4. Again this will depend on the mission or even the phase of the mission. Phase two of Hive you may find that SCADS of mines are a good thing. Phase one not so much.

You need hazards.

You need Sci Team or TSS. Not both. If you don't take Sci Team, you can take Eng Team. It's also PVE. It isn't the end of the world if you take one of each team. It really isn't. Once your core is covered, having one of each if they are used reactively, can be a good thing. If you're using TT to balance your shields in PVE well that won't work obviously.

This leaves 3 engineering slots open. DEM? Some aceton debuffing? Some plasma venting CC? Some extend shields because I want to give some poor escort pilot a heart attack? Or maybe some Aux to structural for some fast sharable heals? Remember you already have a tac heavy ship. Straight up damage is covered. Use these slots to customize your ship for the role you need to fill for specific missions.

Cheers Happy Flying!

and......last edit I think. This.

That's a fleet version.
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