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12-22-2012, 12:45 PM
I'd go with KHG Engines and Shields, and perhaps Adapted Deflector myself, however, I'm more focused on tanking in my Tor'Kaht. I'm not well versed in the engine differences, so it might be a slower combo. For pure speed, the Omega Force Shield has a proc that gives a burst of speed and maneuverability and the Omega engines are pretty decent speed wise from what I hear.

For leveling purposes the Jem'Hadar space set seems the go to set for near-endgame worthy specs for just the cost of running a few missions.

For PvP your Plasma weapons aren't going to be as effective against anyone with an STF set/Omega Reputation shield, and you can't quite make up the difference with the Embassy Threat-Scaling Plasma consoles since you have only two Sci console spots (at least with the Mk X ones).