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More ships and variety in STO is always welcome! I do think the mechanics of the game need to be slightly changed to suit the players wants though. Those TOS hardocre groups out there should be able to play this game from a TOS prospective. That's everything redone to look like the TOS era with ships variants through out the tiers, NPC costums, etc all match. You can do the same for the TNG era, the current time frame, and maybe event something well beyond the current timeline. Not only would this encourage more people to make multiple toons and career paths. It would add an element to the game for all Trek fans. Expanding on the idea, have another option to play different prospectives like the Mirror Universe or as a Section 31 agent and have missions suited to these career paths and storylines. Diversity instead of one gigantic generic mess would really make STO much more of a game that people would want to keep playing.
Would be very difficult to do. The mechanics of the npc groups is dependent upon their style. TOS doesn't have an enemy similar to the borg to justify them having assimilation and the cubes are too big for a standard TOS enemy. So basically, the TOS fans would be playing the TOS game, TNG fans would be playing the TNG game, etc. The game would have to be segregated since you can't have the TOS fighting Borg and Undine. Also the story of the game would be a complete mess. Might be possible if time travel is heavily implemented. First few levels is where you play a TOS, TNG, etc. Captain and then you time travel to the 25th Century, but still some people would have problems with playing with characters from another time. Only possible way is to create Star Trek Online: Enterprise, Star Trek Online: The Original Series, Star Trek Online: The Next Generation, etc to keep everyone happy and that would cost a fortune.