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12-22-2012, 01:19 PM
I would drop sci team for transfer shield strength, and run 1 tac team. Maybe consider droping an RCS console or 2 for more armor once you get used to piloting it. Drop the torp in the back for another turret, you never want to be facing away from targets anyway to use it, you can always evasive manuvers to get back on target quickly but with torkaht its easy enough to turn without it to. You should be running 2 emergency power to shields unless you have the very rare emergency power doffs and you can run 1 copy with 1 other emergency power and have both up all the time. You can drop directed energy modulation and get better power, maybe downgrade your rsp ato 1 or 2nd get aux2sif3 . DEM doesnt seem to useful when i check combat logs.

My engineer boff layout for torkaht is:

Cmdr eng. EPTS1, RSP1 or Extendshields 1, ET3, Aux2sif3
ensign eng. EPTS1.

Doesnt die in elite and always gets lots of aggro, and can heal others if it doesnt have aggro.

edit ok didnt see you have the doffs, so maybe you could run EPTS3 with EPTW1 or EPTA1 then in that case you need to use ET1 with the other ensign slot. That means you probably need aux2sif 3 more to help make up for the weak engineer team to keep your hull healed.

maybe try this in your eng slots? should be really tanky, then as you get used to survive you could switch out rsp for extends.

EPTW1, RSP1, EPTS3, Aux2sif3

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