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Originally Posted by ddesjardins View Post
The following is my response to PWE support after 2 weeks of utter frustration:

I appreciate the 'cut and paste' answers - but the problem is not my computer, it's connection to the internet, or my ISP. I have followed all of your suggestions, provided you with substantive feedback in the form of log files and written answers.

It has become increasingly clear, based on feedback from other players through forum posts that a problem exists with your capacity*. Peek periods see a marked increased rate of poor connections and outright disconnects. 10 disconnects per hour is not acceptable.

*I work in SaaS, and yes I am a knowledgeable person in the field. I know all too well what happens to the customer experience when capacity is overtaxed. You can point blame elsewhere, but at the end of the day, this is a capacity issue.

As a paying customer I expect access to the game. If you have to limit my access in some way due to a technical limitation, are you not required to identify that clearly before you take my money?

Ideally paying customers should have access rights greater than those who are free to play. Perhaps some form of guaranteed login, or guaranteed times to play. I am willing to live with a smaller access window if necessary. I do enjoy the game.

But as of today - I unable to play the game I enjoy, because your capacity is poor.

I will not be spending another dollar for any Perfect World product until you do. I will not recommend your games. If there is not a marked improvement with your service by the end of this subscription cycle, I will transfer my account to F2P only. Given that I have spent over $600 in the past year, I am disappointed that CRYPTIC and Perfect World deems that my business to be irrelevant.

I get that there will be times when as a business, you cannot please everyone. I get that you have connectivity issues with your third party suppliers. What I don't understand is that you don't see the value in retaining paying customers as this is a problem of capacity which you do control.

My opinion of the Star Trek brand has dropped, and I will spend considerable time to ensure that CBS understands that.
I wish you luck in your crusade against CBS, but I'm afraid you'd only be tilting at windmills. Handling tech support issues simply isn't profitable for gaming companies anymore. Back in the olden days gaming companies, both online and offline, actually had tech support numbers you could call and talk to an actual live person about solving your tech issues. That kind of tech support is very expensive, but companies were willing to do it in the dinosaur days because the gaming community was relatively small and they needed a high percentage of satisfied customers to make any money. In the year 2012 however things are much different. The gaming community is huge and it's more profitable for companies to take the profits from the 70% who aren't having tech issues than to spend huge sums of money solving the tech problems for the 30% who are having trouble. This is why there are no more live help lines. Now we just have forums like this one where you post your problem and it may or may not (usually not) get solved.

The support ticket system here has been broken for over six months. If CBS or Perfect World gave a carp about handling tech problems don't you think it would have been fixed by now? We are nothing but numbers to them. As long as there are enough gamers not having problems to pay the bills then they can afford to simply ignore the rest of us.

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