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12-22-2012, 01:28 PM
I would drop torpedos entirely. Full Borg disruptor DHCs front, and turrets back. One turret may be replaced with the cutting beam.

My current offensive setup is:

Lt. Com. Tac: TT1, CSV1, CSV2
Lt. Tac.: TT1, AP-Beta
Com. Eng. : EPTS1, Aux2Damp1, Aux2Damp2, EWP2
Ens. Eng.: EPTW1
Lt. Sci.: HE1, TTS2

Not much tanking, but turn rate ~30, flying like an escort and very good damage because of +40 weapon power + some damage by EWP2.

For more tanking, I replace the Com. Eng. against: ET1, RSP1, EPTS3, Aux2Sif3 ... but less fun

My DO setup is very similar.

Deflector: Borg
Engine: Borg
Shields: KGH (will be replaced against Borg later)
Consoles: 4x disruptor coils, 2x shield field gen, plasmonic leech, 2xneutronium, borg

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