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1. If Operative kit and shrouding is allowed, it will not be a fair game. Until that is banned from the tournament, I am out. ( suuperduude )

2. So.. let's see...

With 5.2.. KDF gets Boned because the Feds can run more ships with only 1 Hanger each while the KDF only has one ship that comes with a hanger Bay, and that's the marauder, other wise they have 2 True carriers.

And with 6.1 the KDF gets screwed yet again because more of their pets have been restricted then the Fed side. Of course they are understandable restrictions, except for the Fer'Jai frigates in a way.. Kinda surprised the Marauder pets didn't get restricted as well honestly, since I don't believe their Boarding Party power subsystem disable effect can't be cleared by Tac team while their cool down ability can be last I checked.

Not like I expect to witness videos or other types of information concerning the Tournament with full KDF teams being Fielded. ( webdeath )

3. I also see that spawn camping is not against the rules? ( suuperduude )

4. [quote=pascalb1;7186011]3. Rules
4.1. if you go against the rules once in a match you will be shown the yellow card ( yellow card remains active from one match to next one and so on )
4.2. if you go against the rules twice in a match you will be shown the red card ( you have to leave the match and miss for next match )
4.3. if you still have a yellow card from a match earlier and you go against the rules you will be shown the red card ( you will miss next match ? you may stay though inside the current match unless you go against the rules again in that match than you need to leave the match )
4.4. if you are found using exploits, bugs, cheats or third party programs you will be shown the purple card ( permanent ban from the league )

I hope we wont be playn football tournament

8.1. the ability scramble sensor may not be used

I`m sry but i just dont get why is BOFF ability banned, but minor thing

8.4. team batteries may not be used

I already see chained VM`s flyin around like crazy, i mean, pvp is team play, and thats why in game we have team batteries, and cruisers and carriers are ships who uses this batteries, this rule makes them less viable in the game. U can also ban red matter capacitor thingie eh? Doesn`t everyone have that super duper battery ( erkyss2 )
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