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Originally Posted by oridjerraa View Post
Mine Trap is a 20man ground fleet action that rewards Romulan Marks and Fleet Marks. Average Romulan Marks per mission is 25. Takes 20mins. Lots of fun and no Borg one shots.

Now if your queuing for this while on New Romulus doing the dailies you should pull in a nice sum of marks. I don't do this everyday, just once every two or three days. That keeps it from getting stale, and free's me up to do doffing/dil dailies/stf's etc.
I just usually do enough at New Romulus to get enough marks for a week's worth of rep assignments.

Originally Posted by xantris View Post
The problem with Romulan marks is that you are forced into ground maps to earn a lot of them, and tons of people hate ground maps. I'm personally completely at a loss as to why Cryptic keeps putting more focus on the games ground system.

There needs to be more space options, and those options need to be more efficient at earning marks.
Except Star trek wasn't all space all the time, in fact most of the time the ship was in orbit while all the good stuff was happening on the planet of the week.