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Originally Posted by starkaos View Post
Would be very difficult to do. The mechanics of the npc groups is dependent upon their style. TOS doesn't have an enemy similar to the borg to justify them having assimilation and the cubes are too big for a standard TOS enemy. So basically, the TOS fans would be playing the TOS game, TNG fans would be playing the TNG game, etc. The game would have to be segregated since you can't have the TOS fighting Borg and Undine. Also the story of the game would be a complete mess. Might be possible if time travel is heavily implemented. First few levels is where you play a TOS, TNG, etc. Captain and then you time travel to the 25th Century, but still some people would have problems with playing with characters from another time. Only possible way is to create Star Trek Online: Enterprise, Star Trek Online: The Original Series, Star Trek Online: The Next Generation, etc to keep everyone happy and that would cost a fortune.
That's exactly what I think the game should be! Crypic/PWE can afford the cost. What they make off of crap boxes alone will keep the puny team that doesn't fix much of anything floating for quite some time. The team could actually use a trim too if they feel the need to cut costs. Things like Community Managers are a complete waste of money. If you want to make the players happy, give them what they want. Not some PR guy to try and justify the shortfall of the development team and their abilities when that job could go to employing another qualified graphic artist, code monkey, etc.

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