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well in my opinion you have several very fun options. the vet ship is great, the fleet vorcha is kind of a more cruiser like version of the vet ship, and proboly sorta redundant. it can be quite a bit more sturdy though. the qin is jut a bad ship to fly though, its long, and pivots on ther very aft part of the ship and just feels wrong. its also got a bad shield mod, an unideal ens station and a below average turn rate. the mirror qin at least has an eng ens though. the retro and fleet somraw lack basically all of the qins problems, and the fleet nasican escort can go toe to toe with fed escorts. a vorcha, mirror vorcha, or fleet ktinga are great ships too, i have several builds posted for all these ships. they are all a lot of fun.
Thanks! I am a bit of purist so I tend to stick to Klingon only ships. I am looking at the Somraw to go with my vet ship.

I also had a DOFF question, do you think the Nigulan bridge officer who according to STOwiki does: Chance to reduce the time for any subsystem targeting attack to recharge after use/20% chance: Improve recharge time by 30 sec, Chance to reduce recharge time on Cannon Rapid Fire and Cannon Volley is worth picking up?