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12-22-2012, 04:24 PM
I agree with the above poster, I have had much better sucess using single cannons up front and turrets rear then beams on my tac Odyssey piloted by tac captain. Tac captains can't fire multiple beams as efficiently as engineers can. Plus if you are using torps its easier to use with cannons as you are already facing your target. Its not to hard getting 180 degree cannons on target even with Oddys low turn rate.

I use 3 Mk XII borg antiproton cannons and 1 quantum torp up front, 4 turrets rear. I only use the Lt Cmdr uni as Tac, using the ensign uni also as tac is excessive. I run TT1, THH2, CRF2 in Lt Cmdr station, and CSV1, and TS1 in the Lt station. This is able to guard 4 probes at a time or solo cubes in elite STFs with no problem with this setup, and often takes aggro from many escorts in pug groups, with no ranks in threat control, and is much easier to survive in an Oddy.

If you really must use beams for some reason you need some way of powering them, lots of weapon batteries, emergency power weapons, or aux 2 battery. Firing 7 beams at once will drain too much power to be worthwhile otherwise.