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12-22-2012, 04:33 PM
No, not a crusade in the slightest. I'm not one the rabid fans who flail at the air. No petitions.

I completely agree about the the lack of support. The process is called call avoidance. Companies invest heavily in methodologies to minimize customer interaction. I work in SaaS. Every call we get in North America costs the company $14.72 in fiscal 2012. We have more than 300 per hour. Our Japanese support costs were more than $70 per call (oops so much for non disclosure).

I can navigate marketing departments. It's not that hard to get internal email addy's.

Licensing teams are sensitive. They don't troll forums, or monitor help desk requests. They rarely interact at the customer level beyond the launch. If a comment about a protected IP (intellectual property) makes it to them directly, they pass it along. And questions do get asked. This is good news - so many players online that some cannot get access. The fact that paying customers are not getting on - that will raise further questions especially when the business model depends on the 5% or less that pay $500+ to play.

"I've invested more than $600 this year in the game, and I cannot access it. I'm not the only one. Hard to trust Star Trek"

It will have a 2 day lifespan (if that), then it will disappear. Until another comment makes it through the gauntlet. When it's about money, they do listen.
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