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That's exactly what I think the game should be! Crypic/PWE can afford the cost. What they make off of crap boxes alone will keep the puny team that doesn't fix much of anything floating for quite some time. The team could actually use a trim too if they feel the need to cut costs. Things like Community Managers are a complete waste of money. If you want to make the players happy, give them what they want. Not some PR guy to try and justify the shortfall of the development team and their abilities when that job could go to employing another qualified graphic artist, code monkey, etc.
Problem is that Cryptic, PWE, and every game company are a business. So there is no possible way they would do this unless there is proof that their revenue will go up by having enough TOS fans playing the TOS version, enough TNG fans playing the TNG version, etc. Each type of ship would have to be created, different art styles used, different missions, different lore, and different npcs would have to be created. There is no way that Cryptic/PWE can justify or even afford the cost of creating at least 4 more MMOs that are pretty much the same. They could justify creating a Babylon 5 MMO, a Firefly MMO, and a Battlestar Galactica MMO since there are tons of players that play more than one MMO. There wouldn't be many players that would play a STO: TOS, STO: TNG, STO, etc since they are too similar and whats the point of playing another when they are pretty much the same. Players like variety between their MMOs and having them too similar is problematic since its easy to just play the game you like the best resulting in each STO MMO not getting enough players and increasing the development costs too much.