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Dateline Qo'nos..

Cheering and stomping of feet head amid a cheery outroar in the chamber of the Klingon High Council apon hearing the following tweet leak..

9 varient ships ossible (some of fllet version, no idea how many are KBF) in weeks to come.. season 8 ambasadore and Andorian ship in progress, Some sort of new KDF ship coming.. possibly lock box.. ships rumored due by febuary or there abouts.

From Al Reviera tweets:

Heh! We work fast. Here is some info just for you. Shhhh. Andorian, Ambassador, 2 for lock box, kling ship, type 8 equiv for klg.

other tweets note story and cutscene content..*crosses finger * please be KDF please be KDF, please be KDF..

Khemaraa sends.
Do you have a link?