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Originally Posted by gostdajtink View Post
Thanks! I am a bit of purist so I tend to stick to Klingon only ships. I am looking at the Somraw to go with my vet ship.

I also had a DOFF question, do you think the Nigulan bridge officer who according to STOwiki does: Chance to reduce the time for any subsystem targeting attack to recharge after use/20% chance: Improve recharge time by 30 sec, Chance to reduce recharge time on Cannon Rapid Fire and Cannon Volley is worth picking up?
if you use a battle cruiser then a tech doff build with an AtB or 2 is the best way to reduce cooldowns. the cannon doffs are sorta unreliable. if your in an escort though, you can double up cannon powers easily enough

Originally Posted by drake122svk View Post
I was thinking the same thing about the HY projectile, but with my build I only have 2 tac skill slots, one of which is TT1 and the other one will probably be either APD or TS2 for spreading plasma burns. Wanted to use the Omega torp as a rear launcher, but I will probably just use a regular torp with acc modifiers...

Thanks for your help!
that rapid fire torp that doesn't have HY isn't going to do a whole lot, or be able to rapid fire very often if its stuck aft. on 1 ship i run it up front with no torp abilities and let it auto fire, and the results are pretty good.
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