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12-22-2012, 05:36 PM
Ok I didnt see you only have 5 beam arrays with a torp and dbb up front and torp rear.
Yes 5 beam broadside wont drain all that much power, but 5 beam broadside wont do all that much dps either. Most broadsider use 6 , 7 or even 8 beam arrays to deliver strong broadide attack and have to find a way to deal with power drain.

When using all cannon/turret setup you will either be using 3 cannons/1 torp up front, 4 turrets rear, or 4 cannons up front/ 4 turrets rear. All of your weapons will be constantly firing on the target so it will be much more damage with 8 weapons firing on the target continuously rather then just 5 at a time, and this is easier to manage with cannons/turrets then using 7 or 8 beams.

You can test this with cheap turrets/ cannons from exchange to see if this style suits you. I know not many do it on Oddy, but I see it a lot on excelsiors, and in pve the oddy has no problem managing this too even though it has less turn then the excel.

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