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Originally Posted by pwebranflakes View Post
Ouch. I find this comment pretty rude, and I don't think you realize what my role is here on the team and what would happen if there was no CM. Let me copy and paste something I wrote from a recent interview to enlighten you:

All the above not only supports the continued success and growth of the game from a non-dev role, but also supports the most important aspect of our game: our players. It is a sincere honor and privilege to support STO in my role as Community Manager. Thank you.


Brandon =/\=
Take it how you want but it's not intended to be rude at all. Some of the development team do frequent the boards. Personally, I think money on this game is better spent on people who can make content and fix bugs. Don't take it personally although you have with some of my comments in the past.

Example 1: DX11 has been in beta how long? If it's beta, it shouldn't be on Holodeck but it is. The team associated with this side of the game hasn't been working on this implementation much, if at all since it had been pushed to Holodeck. A lot of people would like to see DX11 finished since DX11.1 is due out early next year.

Example 2: Missing textures in both DX9 and DX11. You can justify DX11 being in beta but DX9 isn't a beta phase of this game. Where are those fixes?

Now, to get this thread back on topic. How about a system that takes STO through the TOS time period first to reach the TNG era and so on? I don't think the implementation for this game would have to be 3 separate ones to have the different looks. Just like with the ship skins, you just lock out instances to specific themed periods that players are using. TOS era players have their own instances to keep with the theme. It would require a lot of work but I think it would be something I would personally like to see. Every player has different wants and annoyances with this game. It would be nice if Cryptic made an attempt to cater to more of a broad base of what the players want in small imcrements and work their way up to trying to make more players want to play longer.