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12-22-2012, 07:41 PM
simple If/then statement:

"IF the BoP is crossing the map to kill the Borg assimilated bops you are having trouble with, THEN you better not blow the cube before all the Probes are down."

Just had an interesting one-Said "HI" and apparently that was enough to get silenced, after which the three Feds proceeded to be unable to deal with 1st stage spawns (Assimilated Bird of Prey), being a team-player (and wanting to at least complete the mission) I found myself hurrying left-middle-right-middle-left dealing with Borgspawn alongside the other Token Klink (Engie in a Negh'var).

Fed working probes in the middle, just kept going right up the cube, whilst his comrades alternated from active to grayed out, unable to deal with BoP spawn, much less the Raptor and the Negh'var that he released before his 2nd or third death.

at some point, I got two facefuls of heavy borg plasma at once-so now I'm down, and there goes the cube-boom.

Here come the Raptors-and the rest of the BoPs, like "Night of the Living Borg". In the 12 seconds it took me to respawn, they'd gotten past the pickets and started working on the Kang, in the 5 seconds or so AFTER, Kang was dead...

and here's where the fun starts.

I couldn't leave the map.

Had to LOG OUT to GET OUT.

total elapsed time in the mission: 3 minutes.

I'm driving a Bird of Prey, NOT a supercruiser, I need teammates who can draw aggro while I work, not teamies who don't pay attention to what's going on so thoroughly that they blow the mission.

The ONLY time "normal" tactics work, is when your team is doing 8k or more DPS per member, on a near constant-on basis, with spikes into the 30-50k range. If you have even ONE player who isn't jackhammering lots of supercrits, it doesn't work-most players don't have 3-5 MkXII (purple)consoles feeding MkXII (acc)(CritDx2) dual heavy cannons running CRF1,2,3, BO3 and HYT with appropriate DoFFs and constant-on APO and APD, WITH the Tac Fleet boost AND the Omega Graviton passive, AND Plas Leech or Fed Equivalent, with Weps on 125.

Hell, most players don't seem to be aware that power settings can be preset, reset, or altered.

IF you're on Elite, AND your team isn't doing the most DPS it can, you do NOT blow a cube before the Probes are down...period. Two players with adequate builds are NOT ENOUGH to get the Optional, if you have Puggies having trouble with Borg Bops, then you NEED to re-think the idea (promoted most often by the nerfed, super-easy "normal" STF's) that you can roll-stomp the three cubes faster-enough to make the mass-spawn NOT happen.
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