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Originally Posted by thegrimcorsair View Post
Actually, in a lot of ways this would greatly improve the effectiveness of Torpedo Boats, as well as expanding their options RE: DOffs. Since the fire-rate of torpedoes increases, having multiple launchers becomes an asset as you'd be able to sustain a potentially tremendous amount of pressure. Even one launcher would actually be potentially threatening even without a power.
With 3 PWO-Torp DOFFs you can already fire at the same rate as the Omega...without the cooldown.

If you had 4 Omegas - you'd have to turn off autofire and keybind each of them separately - otherwise you'd only be firing the first one until it went on CD - then you'd fire the second, etc, etc, etc.

You'd never likely run more than two torps - you'd have two keybinds, Torp #1 and Torp #2 - running one when the other is on CD. At which point you're looking at dropping in two DHC.

So basically it's a case of being able to do away with PWO DOFFs while running a pair of DHCs - or - going three DHCs, using PWO's to reduce the recharge.

So where exactly is the torpboat? You're basically just running your standard rig with better torps. That whole cake and eating it thing. It's a case of wanting to avoid the plasma resist of the STF shields, by not using the Omega but using another form of torp that does not suffer that "penalty"...

Torps have their place. It's no different than avoiding DHCs on a boat with slow turn or running DHCs on the escort instead of arrays.

If you're putting a torp on your boat, you're putting it there for a reason - whether it's for one of the effects, for hitting that naked hull, popping a target with full shields, etc, etc, etc.

It's no different than any other weapon - they're not all the same - they're not all as effective in every situation...
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