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Things like Community Managers are a complete waste of money.
Not to put too fine a point on it, at this you're making fun of people and insulting and belittling Branflakes who is among the best Community Manager's I have met.

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If you want to make the players happy, give them what they want.
What the players want and what is good for the longevity of the game are often 2 completely different things.

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Not some PR guy to try and justify the shortfall of the development team and their abilities when that job could go to employing another qualified graphic artist, code monkey, etc.
They'll have seperate budgets for community support and development, Community support is the ingame GMs and the Community Mangers. It's highly unlikely that Brandon's pay comes out of STO's budget and more than likely it comes from a generic Community Support budget that covers Champions Online, Star Trek Online and Neverwinter Online. It's also possible that he doesn't work for Cryptic at all but for PWE.

This of course isn't meant to detract from the important and excellently done job that Branflakes does, just that getting rid of him doesn't necessarily ensure another member of the development team.

That being said I've also never seen Branflakes try to justify the shortcomings of the dev team, just patiently ferry our opinions and what the devs say back and forth. His job isn't to make excuses for the Dev Team, it's to ensure that the correct and proper communication goes back and forth between us and the devs.