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12-22-2012, 08:40 PM
Sorry if im beating a dead horse but this should have been common practice on Tribble from the moment of its creation.. Every component and ship in game should be able to be obtained for free from a vendor so we as players can test it thoroughly before being implemented on the live server.

This could have prevented quite a few screw ups.. If we would have had access to the Omega tier 4 shield regen passive from the day the Rep system came out we would have identified the bug way before anyone reached tier 4 on the live server and had it patched before anyone even knew about it..

That's just one instance where having instant access to all items and abilities on Tribble will allow us as testers to detect bugs glitches and possible mistakes early on and allow the dev team to fix them before anyone on the live server is ever made aware.

So I give mad props for this change.. But I wish it would have been done much sooner and more widespread. I feel we as testers should have instant access to all abilities and items.