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Originally Posted by vdavidson View Post
I think this is a bad idea and takes away from the rarity of the event as it is suppose to be, and I've never had an issue with the Borg Red Alerts.

As of late it has been working about 95% of the time, but the fact that someone else has failed it just means that the red alert needs to be removed more quickly upon the timer running out.
As I stated in the first post, the problem with the Red-Alerts not being removed quickly enough after the timer has ran out, is not the issue, as this problem with Red-Alerts is happening as soon as they pop up.

I agree it might take away from the rarity of the borg red-alerts. As it is, Tholian red-alerts might as well not even be in game because they rarely work, so putting them in PVE queue would simply give players access to content which exists but is inaccessible a majority of the time. The Tholian RA's simply aren't working most of the time, my fleet mates across multiple fleets can corroborate this.

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