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12-22-2012, 08:50 PM
Originally Posted by wilv View Post
You obviously have no clue what you're talking about. In the few weeks season 7 has been around the team has made fixes and adjustments almost WEEKLY based on player feedback.
As for our community manager, he's one of the most dedicated members of the team and invaluable to us and them. On many occasions he's gone above his job to help players out and he's constantly relaying info to the team from the players and back, EVEN on his time off.
I don't do programming but there are a lot of bugs that need to be addressed and faster than they get done. They may not be priority bugs but those who paid for the Venture ship that are unhappy with the windows on the saucer not being able to match the windows on the lower hull does annoy some. How long did it take to fix Second Wave and is it actually tested to the point where it can be said it's actually fixed?

I'm not here to debate how Brandon does his job or how well he does it. Someone mentioned they like Brandon's job. That's cool! I have said before that I prefered StormShade but that's just my preference. All I was trying to say that I think the money would be better spent else where. It's nothing personal against the guy but there are things I would like to see or fixed in this game that take longer than I would like. I would still think the exact same way if StormShade was still the Community Rep also. For example: the 7 months it took to fix the AGT uniforms that had some major clipping issues. That's not what I call acceptable for a clipping issue fix. We need more graphic artists to work on these issues faster. If I pay for added content in this game and there is an issue with it. I expect it fixed promptly!