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Originally Posted by starkaos View Post
So when the Ambassador ship is done, there are few canon Starfleet ships left that players are asking for. I have trouble thinking of any, but some players could probably mention some canon ships that are currently missing.
Seeing as we have ships that are over 200 years old in the game, I don't see any issue with including the following ships (or 25th Century variants of said ships). One of which is already ingame:

Challenger Class (Based on Galaxy Class)
Cheyenne Class (Ingame as a Tier 3 Heavy Cruiser variant)
Freedom Class (Based on Ambassador/Galaxy Class)
New Orleans Class (Based on Galaxy/Nebula Class)
Niagara Class (Based on Ambassador/Galaxy Class)
Springfield Class (Based on Cheyenne/Galaxy Class)

Most of these ships were heavily influenced by Galaxy Class components, so in theory wouldn't be too difficult to replicate. It would also be pretty nice to see additional "Galaxy"-style ships, fill other roles rather than just Cruisers. The New Orleans Class with it's extra torpedo pods could easily serve as a Destroyer/Escort. While the Springfield Class could potentially serve as a Science Vessel.

Now, I wouldn't argue that these ships -must- be "low tiered" despite canon. But I think it may be a good inspiration if Cryptic were to make new ship classes (at any tier), and base them on these designs.

So whenever someone says that "Cryptic are running out of canon designs", I just point towards the ships that appeared during the Wolf 359 battle as a shining example, of additional ships that could potentially be added. If nothing else, I would love to see them added as skin variants to existing ships, and not necessarily added as an entirely new ship and unique consoles.