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12-22-2012, 10:47 PM
Had a fun one earlier today, ISE as I normally stick to the one I can nearly solo when PuGing.

I'm on my tac in his defiant. We start, one guy makes sure to say '10% guys' but I'm not worried as atleast one other teammate was out damaging me. I state 'We have the DPS it doesn't really matter much' just because.

Sure enough someone blows a generator early. No biggie, pop tac fleet, APA and switch to my RF2/APB3 full time cycle with initiative. I say 'were fine' and the other three gens go down in seconds. I turn tossing FOM on the biggie and not only was there another DHC escort out shining me but we also had a tric miner. I think it took about ten seconds.

Dude was still freaking out tho saying '10% next time don't mess it up!' making me just want to flip but it was cool. We toasted the spheres cleaned up other side and finished with 7 or 8 minutes to spare so I was happy.

Is it sad that I am now holding back my DPS in ISE because the spheres don't get close enough to conveniently CSV/TS to death without drawing needless gate agro with decent players?