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# 409 Omega T4 Passive
12-22-2012, 10:53 PM
Ok this is getting a bit stupid.......

Why the heck was the BEST passive ever nerfed 75%? The shield Regen was amazing and i think should be in place again because it is getting out of hand that these tiny little escort guys are packing a huge punch but my Science guy cant even hold up an arm after the last patch.

What should be in place is a Profession specific Regen for EACH class.....

Sci=900/6 sec

or maybe it could be boosted by the things you Spec into.

To me this seems like the most logical thing to do because Sci is supposed to have shields like an Eng has hull.....And an Eng is supposed to have shield like the Sci has hull. Tacs should have neither of these and have an amazing turn/defence. Plus Sci and Tacs should have = Weapon Slots ....(how can a tiny little Defiant have a better Warp Core than a bigger Ship such as an Intrepid?)

So the LOGICAL Idea is to reincorporate the Huge Shield Regen specific for Each Class....
This goes for ALL Reputation Passives/Abilites New Romulus AND Omega.

The Balance in Star Trek needs more Adjusting before ANY new content is released or any bull crap is available for ANY Faction.