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# 1 A bit of flow testing help
12-22-2012, 10:04 PM
Hi all, I've just about exhausted the number of people directly accessible by me and willing to test my latest foundry offering. I wonder if I could appeal here to have as many as are willing to test out Syndicate Secrets and just let me know if there is anything wonky, unreliable, or otherwise show-stopping in the flow of the mission.

The dialog is temporary, just first-draft type stuff. I am self-conscious over a few spelling errors I know I forgot to change. I haven't finished adding non-essential clickies, or a lot of visual goodness yet. TBH I'm not sure the title works either. All that is coming, it's just in its skeletal form at this time.

So if you have roughly 15 minutes (I think, I'll have to time it out when it's in a 1.0 state) and feel like helping with that I'd appreciate it.
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