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12-22-2012, 10:10 PM
Omega torp was designed for cruisers. You let it reload while broadsiding and once the enemy shield is weak bring it to bear for it's burst. People trying to use it on a torp boat, or with torpedo abilities are missing its original design intent. Granted if it works in that role or not is still undetermined.

The 4x DHC popularity is simple due to the much lower opportunity cost of using 4 DHCs with turrets when compared to using 7x beams, or any other weapon really. Because the first DHC will fire every shot at full power, while the other weapon types aren't quite that lucky.

Sci torp boats are a necessity of needing maxed AUX to have useful Sci abilities (for the most part) combined with the extreme importance of having a high shield power. Something has to give and for most the opportunity cost is just packing torps and hoping for the best.

But in the end I think torpedoes are fine how they are. Really it is the other parts of the game and how they function that makes them under desired more than how they themselves work.