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12-22-2012, 10:52 PM
I was thinking on what would be the KDF story line if we were able to start at 0. This would be my outline. In my view, I see that the Gorn are not happy, while the Orions and the Nausicaans see being a part of the Empire beneficial.

The first few levels would be about the Gorn War of Independence. A new Gorn king led a couple of systems against the KDF. This would help pull the KDF effort in their war with the UFP in 2409.

Second Campaign, would be to an Orion Cartel from gaining control of the High Council with help from the Romulans.

Third Campaign, would feature an KDF effort to get the Cardassians on the side of the war with the KDF by aligning with the True Way in staging a coup led by a Nausicaan chief raider.

Level 0- Tutorial. This one would echo the Federation's Battle of Vega with the Borg and be a major KDF-Gorn Rebel battle.

Level 1 - 15- This would be the main storyline of the Gorn War of Independence. In the final mission, this one will consist of a huge battle in the Gorn home system on one of the planets. There will be two fleet actions (ground and space) that will show how the KDF landed on the planet (which will not be played to finish the campaign). The final mission will be open ended. These missions will take part in the Pi Canis Sector Block.

Levels 15 - 28- This will be the Orion storyline and feature missions gathering evidence against the Cartel. These missions will take part in the Omega Leonis and Eta Eridani Sector Blocks.

Levels 27 - 35- This will be the present Cryptic Federation War Story line and Fek'Ihir Invasion storyline.

Levels 35 - 46- This will be the Nausicaan storyline and features missions in the Beta Ursae, Alpha Trianguli, and the Zeta Andromedae Sector Blocks.

Levels 47 - 50 - This will be the present Cryptic Borg and Undine story lines.

50+- Featured Episodes then Tholian Incursions then New Romulus story

I put the Featured Episodes at the end because they were not clearly used to continue main story in the UFP story lines despite their insertions afterwards.

There will be fleet actions that enhance the endings of each campaign with a pvp zone for each one that will show a battle (such as the Battle of Althex between the Gorn and the KDF, where the UFP will be the Gorn or plant bombs around the Cardassian capital city to help the coup with the KDF players helping to plant the bombs and the UFP will be defending the place).

So what would be your guys' ideas?