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Level 1 - 15- This would be the main storyline of the Gorn War of Independence. In the final mission, this one will consist of a huge battle in the Gorn home system on one of the planets. There will be two fleet actions (ground and space) that will show how the KDF landed on the planet (which will not be played to finish the campaign). The final mission will be open ended. These missions will take part in the Pi Canis Sector Block.
This view is entirely focused on my own toon, whom is a Gorn. However I recognise its just me centric, and would only effect a small number of players.

That arc would put me on the spot, as I'm playing my Gorn as a Seperatist type. If there were lots of optional mission routes (like the Of Bajor mission, with several optionals, and you only need to complete one) where I could pretend my disruptors were "malfunctioning" and then shoot a couple of Klingon ships in the back, it could work.

But no qualms for the rest of it. that said Cryptic have mentionedhtey'd like to come back to focus on the gorn homeworld and such forth in a future series.