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Originally Posted by thissler View Post
And to anyone saying drop torpedoes and running two tac teams. I hope that's for PVP and just because your not really sure how this all works. In that case I would say it makes perfect sense. Otherwise if not you may want to rethink your builds.

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TT imho is one of the best skill available, for pvp absolute necessary and for pve quite nice

1. It boost damage
2. It removes bording parties
3. it makes shield more efficent
4. It can be used in combination with TTS to help save kang/freighters in STFs/Fleet actions

IMHO torpedos can be recplaced by energy weapons when you running a +weapon power overcap build.

For PvE 1 copy of TT maybe enough if you don't want to use it in your cycle and use it when necessary. However, running a cannon build without torpedos there is no other skill in the tac tier1. And, as I already said:

4 DHCs + CSV/CRF >> 3 DHCs + 1 Torp + CSV/CRF and THY1 ... imho.

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