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12-22-2012, 11:44 PM
IMHO torpedos can be recplaced by energy weapons when you running a +weapon power overcap build.
Exactly. A nice Beam Overload crit can do 30k+ damage with some frequency. That's more then I see out of most HY3 salvos from my torp boat, all 4 torps accounted for. And it's an incredible shield buster. Can bring down a cube's shield face in one shot in an ESTF with a BO3 and a DBB.

That's why I like a DBB and BO. The spike damage is unreal. Especially with the 10% bonus after decloaking. If you combine it with Nadeon inversion, EPS or EP2W, there's virtually no power drain in that opening salvo and anything short of a tac cube won't have a shield face anymore, which leaves the slower rounds from the CRF you popped at the same time free to sail right in moments later.

EPS+Nadeon+TT1+CRF+BO, decloak, spike, is hilarious.

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