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12-23-2012, 01:03 AM
I want to follow-up on my post about the connectivity issues I have been experiencing. Today, I spent a better part of the morning to really troubleshoot this. To make a long story short, the issue is with my router.

For those interested, read on. I review the information I have based on two other players' comments. My tracert and nettest result are inconsistent. I also see inconsistency with the slowness in that it seems to be better some times but not others. It would make sense if I were to experience disconnect & slowness during peer hours (after work) but not during the off hours (2~3am). However, that is not the case. So the first thing I did was to do a speed test, my upload speed is very slow, that probably explain the rubberband/out-of-sync issue. Next, I checked rebooted my router and do speed test. Similar result. Then I removed my router and connect my PC directly to my cable modem. The speed went up significantly and my issue with STO is gone. I never would have guess my router is the problem because it didn't die completely except it works very slowly.

The lesson from this story is never rule out anything until you really test it. Thanks for those who commented on my original post for help.