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Originally Posted by voicesdark View Post
Decided to do the S'harien's Swords mission again just for the fun of it and well, something's not quite right. Not sure if the mission was recently reworked or something, but now there are a bunch of consoles through out the mission that are facing the wrong direction inside the base, and the whole thing just seems sloppy now.

There's also so giant console "thing" or whatever that is pretty much right in front of the turbolift door. Not everything is site to site transported and well it just seems really out of place having this giant thing basically right in front of the turbolift door. There are alot of other things like this throughout the mission that I don't remember ever being like this before.
I just replayed this mission not too long ago with a fleet mate to get a tac ranked up and so no such thing, doesn't mean it wasn't there just didn't see what you saw I also am getting ready to level another toon so I will pay close attention to this and see if I see what you saw but I have played this mission several times in my 2+ years of playing the game and never have seen anything out of place.
As far as the giant console in-front of the elevator that has always been there but it don't inhibit anything just makes you look for the lift.