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12-23-2012, 02:27 AM
I've managed to login into my gateway, but from what I've read in this thread so far, it looks like I am having a totally different gateway experience than everyone else.

=>First, 2 of my toons have been transfered and it's only the ones that were on tribble server; I also can't see any way to "add" my other toons (I have 5 total).
=>Second, everything is outdated in the gateway, everything looks like the setups I had when testing tribble just prior season 7's launch.
=>Third, how is it that people can see my builds? How can I see other people's builds?

I'm one very confused trekkie.

Edit: Never mind lol I figured it out. It WAS a different experience and it makes so much sense now why.

I was on this server
I should have been on

Bonus internet points if you can spot the difference *wink*. Anyways don't ask me how I ended up there.

As a side note, it looks like you have to type https yourself, or your login won't be secure.
Edit edit: Ignore side note, it turns out any sto player with a proper login can see your things, suffice they have your nickname@handle.
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