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12-23-2012, 02:47 AM
Not a horror story per say but amusing to me and the others in the match.

Cure Ground Normal killed by my own DOff (effectively)

It wasn't the best of games as one team mate was "transferring map" the whole game and two members (I was one) were doing cure ground for the 1st time (that queue never triggered first before)

So we make it to armek (missed the optional unsurprisingly, almost never see ground optionals), and as the only sci capt I go to tank Armek did quite well until: Fell a bit low on health, powers were on cooldown so I pop a hypo - a medic beams down (I slot a nurse on active ground at the moment) and promptly gets me killed. So in a strange way I was killed by my Doff. We succeeded at the second attempt (I unslotted the nurse for that attempt, didn't need a hypo though).

Actually I'll ask here which Doffs should a Sci captain have on active ground?