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12-23-2012, 03:18 AM
Been doing some tests with the romulan weapon set- and noticed the already identified issue of the hyper plasma torpedo not considering itself part of the set.

That being said, the torpedo is definitely very strong- perhaps too strong. There are some issues with it that I think need to be addressed:

1. When you activate it, it starts counting cooldown from that moment. So if it has a 30 second cooldown, it starts during the 6 seconds it takes to complete its firing cycle, rather than at the end of that cycle. This, coupled with even a single cooldown reducing boff means that the torp is available to fire 'more often' than a comparable high yield torp.

I'd suggest that the cooldown only start *after* the firing cycle completes.

2. Unlike when you use say, Torpedo High Yield 3 on a quantum, if you start firing the hyper plasma torpedoes and then turn away so that your target isn't in the line of effect for the launcher... you'll continue spawning the torpedoes (which will crap out the back of your ship as you're flying and make their way to the target).

While this is a potentially cool effect that IMO could serve to be its own weapon (some sort of deployable kamikaze drones perhaps?), the torpedoes should only fire if you have line of effect- and should 'cut off' if you veer out of that line of effect, canceling the remaining torpedoes and skipping directly to cooldown.

Otherwise, the experiemntal beam array is fairly balanced- as it doesn't come in other weapon types, the lack of power drain is a minimal but useful advantage. Being a hybrid weapon is solid, and in conjunction with the romulan weapon set, romulan consoles and that setup, I think it has a lot of potential.

As for the Romulan space set, there are some considerations:

1. It's a direct copy, minus a single stat per item, of the Reman space set. The descriptive language is unchanged, and thus self-rederences as a 'reman set'.

2. Romulan technology, as evidenced by the set, uses forced quantum singularities. They don't have warp plasma. wtf does the set two piece boost particle generators?

3. I'd really rather the romulan set be billed as an actual 'alternate design path' compared to the reman set. So like, leave the items as is, but change some of the set bonuses.

The +plasma torp speed/defense bonus is fine, but as the Romulan experimental tech is, per storyline, borg inspired, I'd expect it to have a more offensive or engineering focus than the more sciency reman set.

To that end, maybe change out +Particle Generators to something like +5 power (to a subsystem), or maybe an engineering skill.

The Covariant Capacitance Cell is a very solid power, yes, but I don't think the reman and romulan sets should have identical 3 piece bonuses, even if I do really like the power itself. If the remans are more focused on science/stealth/defense, and the romulans on tactical/engineering/offense, then... idk. Maybe some sort of shield inverter, applying a 'negative' version of the capacitance cell onto enemies that fire on you? idk. It'd require work, but I think that as the new icnonic romulan set you'd at least have budgeted more work than just cloning the set and changing a few entries.