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I live in Australia and I was playing the game and I started to get some serious problems to like when I would start the game etc, I would get horrible rubber band effect, when I would start the game the UI would take awhile to load, playing the game was getting hard, I contacted my ISP and this one guy took me through my modem settings and changed alot of things and one of them was the MTU setting, and a few other things like he gave me my DNS settings and said to Uncheck the Let my ISP manage my DNS server. He also changed my protocals from PPPoE to PPPoA. The ISP I am with also has a speed connection manager that lets you chose between throttling the connection to "Thrill Seeker (max speed)" or various others like "Safe","Controlled", "Standard", "Thrill Seeker", and then the gamer setting that allows for better response. Find out if your ISP has this because this helped alot as well. Ever since I made these changes that ISP gave me the gameplay has improved drastically and even my flatmate said that when he plays WOW the response he gets is much improved.

I hope this helps. These settings for MTU etc should be found in your modem.

Also he told me to alter the QoS settings. There fairly simple to do once you know how. The only thing about this kinda thing is every ISP is different but some very simple changes can make a big difference. My Modem had my MTU settings set to 1400 which he said were way to low and so I changed them to 1454. Its kinda cool when the technical person on the other end of the phone isnt just some guy, but actually knows what he is talking about because no other support guy has ever told me to do some of the things he told me to do. Sometimes you get good support advice and sometimes you dont.

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