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Wow are you serious, did you even read my post? First off I'm not suggesting that this cruiser be any better then those currently available. It has, what I would consider, a decent tac layout, nothing over the top really with a single LTCmd tac officer spot. Also, having 3 tac consoles is basically what the majority of cruisers currently have, other then the star cruiser and free oddy. Also, your comparison with my suggested ambassador and the Vesta is laughable. My build idea does not even come close to being as powerful as the vesta in any of its three forms. It would basically be on-par with the regent and excelsior (who both have LtCmd tac spots) Also, no where did I post this as a possible free version. It's just an idea for a sci-heavy cruiser. While I do agree that cruisers do, and rightly so, less damage then escorts. Most people that run cruisers still put forth an effort to make them do as much damage as possible, at least most people I know do. No one I know has chosen a ship they specifically know will do less damage when another is available to them unless they are specifically in love with said ship. IE people who love next gen flying the galaxy even though its not a very good ship.
Ooook... here goes...

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Capability. What this ship would be capable of with your BOff setup alone is what makes it overpowered. And you say it's balanced? This is a cruiser bro. Cruisers aren't balanced. They lean towards engi.

Your ship has access to high level abilities in ALL categories. That's what makes it "overpowered". Let's take your stock Assault Cruiser as an example. It's weakness is it's Tactically and Scientifically inferior. Especially as science goes. Let's take the other ship you brought up, the Excelsior. It's weakness is science again.

Your ship has no weak point. It has access to level 3 science, engineering, AND tactical abilities. Also given the stats you gave it, it's ability to dominate will be almost unbreakable. You would make most other cruisers obsolete, I daresay you will even challenge, if not outright beat even the Odyssey for how adaptable your ship would be. Your ship isn't a cruiser. Not in the slightest. Allow me to put some facts down for you:

All cruisers (yes, ALL, including KDF battlecruisers) have a Commander level Engineering BOff slot. There is no exception to this rule.

All cruisers are variable in their console layout, always leaning towards one particular strength/weakness (ex. Excel and FAC are tactical and engi oriented with weakness in science, Oddy (freebie) and FSC are science and engi oriented with weakness in tac, Galaxy and Galaxy-r are engi oriented with weakness in sci and tac).

Your cruiser (I shudder to call it that), has NONE of those weaknesses. And to make things worse, it gives up little to nothing in exchange. It is too modular, too adaptable. And you have the gall to call it not op?
Did you even read my post in reference to yours? Starting to wonder here...

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Your BOFF layout suggests otherwise..

A LtCmd Tac, a LtCmd Sci and a LtCmd Eng. There are no weaknesses in that BOFF setup. It has the best of everything. LtCmd BOFF skills are where the really start to get awesome and you'd be able to have it all. That's what's wrong with your idea. our "cruiser", as was already pointed out--this isn't one (as it lacks a Cmdr Eng)--has no weaknesses. Even the Vestas, which are generally considered wildly OP, lack in Tac and Eng what they gain in Sci. Your build gains in all areas and loses in none. That's why it's ridiculous..

And Lt Sci..See the trend here?
He basically said what I said.

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