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Originally Posted by wunjee View Post
Your BOFF layout suggests otherwise..

A LtCmd Tac, a LtCmd Sci and a LtCmd Eng. There are no weaknesses in that BOFF setup. It has the best of everything. LtCmd BOFF skills are where the really start to get awesome and you'd be able to have it all. That's what's wrong with your idea. our "cruiser", as was already pointed out--this isn't one (as it lacks a Cmdr Eng)--has no weaknesses. Even the Vestas, which are generally considered wildly OP, lack in Tac and Eng what they gain in Sci. Your build gains in all areas and loses in none. That's why it's ridiculous..

And Lt Sci..See the trend here?
The Breen ship, which coincidentally they are giving away for free, has a better bridge officer layout then even I'm suggesting here, and console layout as well with 10 to my VA level 9. So if you consider the breen ship ridiculous then I will concede to you that my suggested ambassador layout is just as ridiculous. While my layout does offer some nice LtCmd skills it lacks any Commander level skills which is the trade off. I enjoy flying cruisers and the Ambassador will definitely be a welcome addition, but I really hope it doesn't end up being anything close to captainbmoney's OP. With that said I can see that. in this thread at least, I'm apparently in the minority.

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