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Originally Posted by vesolc View Post
If you don't have Chevron Separation don't bother with cannons.
What he said. Tbh I would recommend you get out of the Tac Oddy and just use the Regent. She's a far better ship for Tac Captains, since the Oddy by herself just doesn't have the turn rate to use cannons effectively. And as above poster said, unless you have Chevron sep, you might as well just use BAs, and as another poster said, you can't use BAs as effectively as an Engi.

Should you insist upon continued usage of the Tac Oddy though, I noticed a HUGE hole in your build. First off, the 3 tac officers is just... not a good idea. You're better off giving yourself more sustain with your Uni Ensign going to Sci. I would recommend a HE1 or TSS1 here. But you need a HE somewhere. Anywhere. Whether it be on your Uni Ensign or Lt Sci. Just put it in. Second part of that massive insanely overly large hole: no sign of EPtS ANYWHERE... For that matter, no EPtX of any kind... Dude. You're in a cruiser. With a 1.15 shield mod. With 2 mk XII purple field generators (slight overkill, but will get into that later). Y U NO HAZ EPtX of any kind?!?!?!

I would completely revamp your Cmdr Engi to this: EPtS1, EPtW2, RSP2, Aux2SIF3.

Stop trying to be so offensively oriented with your Engi. Your tactical BOffs more than compensate for it. Here's where it gets tricky though. If you use cannons, you need to completely revamp your Tac BOffs too. I would recommend ONE copy of TT1 (get purple conn officers for TT, they'll be invaluable, esp on a cruiser), and use the rest of your slots of CRF/CSV, with one copy of APO1 or APB2. The other ensign tac slot should be used for torp ability (personal preference is TS1, but you can use THY1 as well, it's still a pretty good ability). So in the end you will have this Tac BOff setup:

LtCmdr Tac: TT1/TS1/THY1, CRF1/CSV1, APB2/APO1
Lt Tac: TT1/TS1/THY1, CRF1/CSV1

That's if you use cannons. If you use beams (really bad idea btw), you should use this setup:

LtCmdr Tac: TT1/TS1 (needs to be spread in this case), BFAW2/APB1, APB2/APO1
Lt Tac: TT1/TS1, BFAW2/APB1

That's it for BOffs.

As for your equipment? I really was completely and utterly confused by your console setup. What are you going for there? A Crit build? Synergizes well with AP, I'll give you that, but seriously, you're a cruiser. Your job is not DPS. And without the Chevron Sep Console, you cannot use cannons (which would be your best bet for max DPS, since you don't have EPS transfer and Nadion Inversion), and BAs is still a bad idea. BUUUUUT if you must continue to use the Oddy, here's what I would recommend:

Tac Consoles:
3x AP Mag Regulator (mk XI blue minimum). Don't use the zero point, you'll get more out of the mag regulators.

Engineering Consoles:
2x Neutronium (mk XI blue minimum), 1x monotanium alloy (mk XI blue minimum), Zero Point Energy Conduit (romulan thingy from romulan rep)/Tachyokinetic Converter (not sure which is better for crit)

Science Consoles:
1x Field Generator (mk XI blue minimum, and yes, ONLY ONE, if you have EPtS and TSS you don't need the other one which will open up a slot for you to put more offensive consoles), Universal Assimilated Module (trust me, out of ALL the universal modules, this one you want to keep, ESPECIALLY on cruisers for the weapon power), Chevron Separation Console (this is almost a must have if you're going cannons, and even if you're going beams, this is a really REALLY useful way to get extra turn and a nice bump to weapons power) / Whichever of the above consoles you didn't put in (tachyokinetic, zero point)

As for DOffs, since you never listed any, here's what I would recommend:
Conn Officer (tactical team) x2 (purple)
Damage Control Engineer x2 (purple)
Warp Core Engineer x1 (purple)

Gives you the ability to cycle TT1 with just one copy, also gives you a chance to reduce CDs on your EPtX (still astonished you didn't have any on a CRUISER of all things), and the WCE gives you a chance to give all your power levels a nice bump in energy for 10 seconds.

DAYUM that was a long response... -.-

Anyways, I fly an Odyssey, granted I use a beamboat, but I am an Engi so I have the ability to use it quite well. But the above build will get the job done for you. It probably won't be as efficient as a smaller more nimble cruiser, but it's good enough to do well in PvE and probably alright in PvP.
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