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Originally Posted by nikephorus View Post
The Breen ship, which coincidentally they are giving away for free, has a better bridge officer layout then even I'm suggesting here, and console layout as well with 10 to my VA level 9. So if you consider the breen ship ridiculous then I will concede to you that my suggested ambassador layout is just as ridiculous. While my layout does offer some nice LtCmd skills it lacks any Commander level skills which is the trade off. I enjoy flying cruisers and the Ambassador will definitely be a welcome addition, but I really hope it doesn't end up being anything close to captainbmoney's OP. With that said I can see that. in this thread at least, I'm apparently in the minority.
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Originally Posted by fulleatherjacket View Post
The Breen ship is weak on engineering powers. It does not have three Lt. Cmdr powers, so your reply is fail.

And it's a ship you can only get at Christmas if you spend 25 days racing some npc. Not everyone is going to get one. And guess what? You can't get them again afterwards due to them being untradeable.

Actually I do think the Breen ship is ridiculously overpowered as a tactical ship, because it has a strong hull, high turn rate, strong shields, a big crew, and can use dual heavy cannons. But it's not quite as ridiculous as your idea for the Ambassador. At least the Breen ship has reasonable limits to what it can do.

A commander level engineer power on a cruiser is worth less than a lt. commander level science or tactical power on that same cruiser. A jack-of-all trades ship that can do three things very well is far more powerful than a specialist ship that can do one thing extremely well.

While I don't subscribe to the idea that the majority is always right, in this case the majority have the facts on their side.
Hey fulleather, I don't think he even read my post at all explaining why his idea was silly. Because everything you just said, and wunjee just said... was quite clearly explained when I said why 3 LtCmdr slots was just stupid. -.-


Sorry Nike, but you really need to rethink what you think is balanced.

One Cmdr level Engineering power is NOT equal to 2 LtCmdr slots. It just isn't. There's a reason all but a very select few ships in this game only have 1 Cmdr and 1 LtCmdr BOff. That's because that's what those ships are supposed to SPECIALIZE in. Ex (getting tired of saying this btw). Regent. LtCmdr Tactical, Cmdr Engineering. It's a tactically oriented cruiser. It specializes in Tactical and Engineering powers. But is weak in science. Let's go with your all powerful chel'gret WARSHIP (not cruiser, but WARSHIP). It has a Cmdr Tac, and a LtCmdr Sci. WEAK IN ENGINEERING.

Now. Let's go with your ship. LtCmdr Tactical, LtCmdr Science, LtCmdr Engineering. Um... Um... Um... weak where? Nowhere. Your consoles. 3 Tactical, 3 Science, 3 Engineering. Still looking for a weakness. 4/4 weapon setup, 1.0 shield mod, 39k hp. Still waiting for a weakness. Your ship sir, is just... well sorry to say, it's not balanced. Not in the sense of how balance works in this game. You created a ship that can do it all. With no penalty (other than a lack of Cmdr Engineering, which tbh, there are so few game changing Cmdr level engi abilities, it's almost a null point). Your ship can do more effectively a larger variety of tasks than any other ship currently out there.

Explain to me how this isn't broken. Explain to me how this is a CRUISER for that matter. Explain to me WHY that design should be allowed through. Because if you can do so effectively, and have others actually agree with it, I will retract and remove every comment I made in this thread.
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