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Originally Posted by starhound View Post
Thanks for the responses guys.

Im now level 46 with him and still having a blast. Im focusing on outfitting my Mirror Qin with better gear and I still have my level 40 token to spend but I cant choose between a B'rel or a Negh'Var.
(heg'ta BoP, the brel is a c-store purchase)

I wish more people would join the kdf, they will most likely be pleasently surpsied how awesome it can be,

its just getting through that blasted """tutorial""" PAH!, and on a few toons the first mission i actually blew up in, out of sheer rustiness and reliance on healing abilities :p

Glad to see people flying in the cool colours

As for people telling you to bop it up, part of me agrees, at least for a small period of time, truely get the taste of the KDF unique (for now >.>') experiance

The day feddies get a battle cloak is a sad SAD day for our faction :|
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