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12-23-2012, 04:58 AM
Originally Posted by born2bwild1 View Post
Do you pug cure elite a lot? If a cube is popped and the other 2 cubes spawn Neg'vars and raptors - half the time 5 people defending will FAIL!
If you're referring to the 2 ships that spawn when the 1st top probe is killed, that tends to be the point at which things go pear shaped. And I'm sure it's down to people not knowing what the trigger is.

I was pugging CSE and I saw a lone escort trigger the spawn when he was in the field of fire of both Neg'var and Raptor. I don't care how tanky your Escort is, you're going to be in a world of hurt underneath a cube and under the front weapons of both NegVar and Raptor. Needless to say he lasted about 4 seconds. And when this guy respawned, he didn't go back to clean up the mess he'd started but went off a different cube.

But I do love it when the 1st cube has been killed, so you getting the raptors spawn. If you kill the top probe at about the same time as a spawn of 3 raptors appear, a GW3 will nicely pull all 4 ships together and the warp core explosions will do half the work for you