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Okay, so someone suggested I can go to tribble and see the new set's looks. So I did.

Obviously, disclaimer about these coming from the test server, may not be final, blahblahblah.

I'll get the bad out of the way first, so you can look at the good to make up for it.

The Romulan Prototype Set: On a standard Intrepid class. On a customised Fleet RSV.

W...t...f... looks like my RSV has mold. The Fleet material makes it look bit hideous. The green sections look very randomly placed. I hope that's not the final appearance on Holodeck. Note the lack of engine trail change. No deflector effect either (NB: I turned off shadows for this ss, since I was getting bad striping while in motion) Looks better on the Intrepid, but still kinda ugly (imo). Would be nice if the whole ship went Romulan green instead. Might look nicer on dark coloured KDF ships? I don't have any of the Nausicaan ships or the Kar'Fi to really test it though. I have put it on a basic Klingon ship, you barely even notice the difference if using the base green material.

Adapted MACO and KHG space sets do not have any difference in appearance - Adapted MACO looks like MACO, Adapted KHG looks like KHG. This is fine.

Now for the good!

The Adapted MACO and KHG Ground Sets!

Disclaimer: These were taken by turning on the armour graphics, actual costume tailoring would produce different looks. MACO Armour and gun. Close up of the gun. KHG Armour (Cloak looks a bit brown, it's actually black and a dark red by default) Close up of the gun. That thing looks badass. Both sets side by side, since someone was nice enough to indulge me for a screenshot.

So there you go! Hopefully this gives everyone climbing the rep track something to look forward to. And if that is the final Romulan graphic, hopefully the warning saves you disappointment, or if it isn't, may you be pleasantly surprised!

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