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12-23-2012, 05:06 AM
The thing both sad and difficult to understand is that while content made with the Federation in mind does not fit well with the Klingons this would not be true the other way around, so why do they not go that way instead? It is much easier to justify a Starfleet Captain that does get embroiled in the Houses' intrigues or who does get temporarily involved with a KDF crew than to justify Klingons who do appease angry Bajorans or help the Romulans build a new home. And to be honest I doubt there are many Federation players who would not enjoy to play through new missions made with the mood and sheer badassity of the Klingon exclusive ones instead of escorting hurt people to the infirmary and talking down protesters.

Though given how badly they did neuter the Romulans I do kind of fear what their writters would do to the Klingons, the Nausicaans, the Orions, or any of the others in an attempt to make them generically sympathetic.

With the direction they do seem to take the setting in maybe this lack of attention is a hidden blessing.

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