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# 313 omega torp
12-23-2012, 05:11 AM
I think the omega torp fits perfectly on my Plas'tinga. High rate of fire. And moreover (and this is why it beats the romulan torp) it does massive DoT.

How I see it now, equiping the omega torp on a torp boat will interfere with the other torps, because of timing. So that leaves only one torpedo in case of omega on either front or back.

I am wondering how torpedo doffs will influence the recharge/ cooldown rate. Does the change of -5 sec apply after each shot? in that case I will also equip a trico on the back.
Need to test this somewhere in the coming days.

One last thing i noticed by looking at the stats in system space:
The plasma Dot of energy weapons is not boosted anymore by the ambiplasma envelope (torpedo) console.
The Dot of torpedos is still boosted by both ambiplasma envelope (torpedo) and plasma infuser (plasma energy) consoles.
I always thought both consoles boosted Dot's from both energy and torps....