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# 1 Fleet Vorcha engineer build
12-23-2012, 05:21 AM
Hi I'm relatively new to PVP and I want help in improving build for Tor'kaht I'm using.
Build is for pve and pvp.

Disruptor dbb mk XII [acc]x2 [crtd]-can swap for [crtd]x3
Disruptor dhc mk XII [acc]x2 [dmg]
Disruptor quad cannons
Bio-neural warhead

3x Disruptor turret mk XI [acc]x2 [crth]
Borg kinetic cutting beam

Deflector, impulse, shields:
Borg set mk XI

subspace field modulator

eng consoles:
monotanium alloy mk XII rare
borg console
aceton assimilator-sort of point defence as it destroys destructible projectiles
plasmonic leech

sci consoles:
2x shield emitter amplifier mk XI rare or field generator mk XI rare

tac consoles:
4x disruptor induction coil mk XI rare

Reputation passives:
Enhanced shield systems, emergency secondary shielding

Task Force Omega:
Omega Weapon training, Superior Shield repair

Boff skills:
Lt. uni: he 1, tss 2
Lt. com tac: tt 1, crf 1, bo 3
Lt. tac: tt 1, csv 1
Comm eng: Eptw 1, auxbat 1-can swap to rsp 1, epts 3, auxsif 3
ens eng: eptw 1

3x rare technician
Damage control eng-rare
Warp core eng-rare

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