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12-23-2012, 06:30 AM
Don't get me wrong, the spike at times is irritating in ESTFs but without it there would never be any challenge.

Even post patch I have yet to see insane borg behavior. Or pre-patch. I noticed one player posted a log clip that showed they had maybe 15% kinetic hull resist and I had to hit my head off the table.

My thinnest tanked ship is my Tac Defiant. He is packing Maco 3 piece set (I really don't know why I don't put the 2 piece borg on him, lazy I guess. Wait 5% reduction helps out DHCs moderately that's why). I only have 1 copy of EPTS 1, Aux2Sif 1, TSS 1, and HE 2. That is it and unless I tank five spheres for an extended period of time or a tac cube for around a minute with no cross-heals I have yet to die.

But I do run at 79 base shield power. Add in another 10 from maco shield when getting shot at, and 22 from EPTS and that alone pumps me up to around 110 on average. That puts me at 28% resist from power, 10% from maco, 20% from maco vs plasma, and 18% from EPTS 1 or about 57% incoming DPS reduction to shield not counting TSS1. Oh and around 333 shield regen per second total passively. Finally the default 75% kinetic reduction is nice and I suspect the maco 10% stacks on that to break the standard resist hard cap but have never bothered to confirm that.

My hull resists without anything active sit at 37.7% kinetic and 21.5% the rest, plus I believe maco does another 10% reduction there.

145 shield emitter skill and 104 hull repair skill combined with around 55 aux power when being shot at helps out my meager heals as well. Not to mention I keep my defense at 30% minimum at 1/4th impulse when yo-yo ing and can usually keep it well above 50% when skin dancing on top of a hard target. That is without taking my guns off target.

I don't even pack a field generator as frankly they are worthless in PvE nor do I have a single reputation defensive power or any defensive traits although I kinda wish I had the passive shield regen omega one even post nerf. And that is my weakest tanked ship.

TLDR: Keep your shield power high, resists high, defense high, and regenerative abilities high and you will be fine. Sustain wins the PvE game and just like Tac buffed DHC crits it scales exponentially in a fashion.

Originally Posted by adamkafei View Post
Ok, you sort the borg out with one update, then break them again with the next...

Before Friday (21/12/2012) I was happily fighting fair borg ships with no 1 or two shot kills, then you do an update on Friday and today I take 40k worth of damage in 5 seconds with HE in place, throw in an MW and then within seconds I go boom, I'm flying a fleet Excelsior and was fighting a cube, this really is not on...
MW is junk as it does not boost resists so unless they are already high it serves little purpose. Try running Maco Shield + 2 piece Borg, dump the field generators for +emitter array embassy consoles of your desired flavor and make sure you have 2 Neut consoles and 1 Mono console. Devices can help out too, shield batteries Subspace Field Modulator, duet suprlus etc can be really useful. Pack a free full shield abilities too like Shield Distro Doffs and/or RSP even at rank 1 is really useful at times. Finally don't ignore +defense boosts in combat such as evasive maneuvers.

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